Good home care will help you get the maximum life out of your denture.

Dentures are fragile, so it is important that you care for your denture with the proper care.

  • Remove your denture daily and brush it, preferably with designated denture cleaning brushes.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners to brush your denture, including abrasive tooth pastes as they will scratch the denture. Use specifically designed denture cleaner or denture toothpaste.
  • Do not sterilize your denture with boiling water as it will warp the denture.
  • The only time you will be instructed to wear your denture overnight is when you first receive your denture. After about a week of having your denture, you should take it out each evening and give your denture and mouth a breather.
  • When not in use, your denture should be soaked in a cleaning solution or in water.
  • Avoid misplacing your denture by keeping it in the same place when not in use.

Keep seeing your dentist regularly.

  • Even after you receive a denture it is important to maintain regular visits to your dentist.
  • We will monitor your tissues to make sure that they are healthy from oral fungi and oral cancers.
  • We will monitor the fit of your dentures so that they may maintain the proper fit over time.
  • The bones in the mouth change and remodel with time. To maintain proper fit sometimes it is necessary for us to rebase or even remake your denture if enough time has gone by.
  • Never attempt to adjust your denture on your own as this can lead to a denture that is no longer repairable or can also lead to mouth trauma.

If you have any additional questions about your denture please give Chase Judd, DDS a call at (801) 571-6688. Our dentist fits patients for custom dentures in Draper, Utah, and can help you get the fit and function you need.