With proper care, your Invisalign® trays will remain clean and odor free. With improper care, the trays may become discolored and develop foul odors.

Invisalign Cleaning Tips:

  • Frequent Rinsing: Develop the habit of rinsing aligners every time you take them out. Use lukewarm water as water that is too hot can warp and distort the trays. At least once per day rinse the trays with antibacterial soap.
  • Brush Aligners: Brush Invisalign trays when you brush your teeth, but do not use tooth paste on the brush when brushing the aligners. Tooth paste is abrasive and can scratch and discolor aligners. Use the softest bristled tooth brush you have to brush aligners.
  • Eating and drinking: Take aligners out when you eat. If drinking anything besides water remove aligners as most liquids have staining power and can discolor aligners.
  • Proper Oral Hygiene: When undergoing any orthodontic care it is essential to avoid tooth decay. Aligners and brackets tend to catch food easier and can cause rampant decay if oral hygiene is neglected. Brush at least twice per day and floss daily. Always put aligners right back in after brushing or flossing. Aligners will remain clearer if worn on clean teeth.

If you still have questions about you Invisalign care after reading these tips, please call Chase Judd, DDS at (801) 571-6688. Our dentist is a certified Invisalign provider in Draper, Utah.